Digitisation at Kendal museum

The HLF funded project at Kendal museum will digitise three important collections; two mineral collections and one herbarium. These collections are of local and international importance, many of the mineral specimens were collected from Cumbrian mines. The herbarium collection consists of over 4000 specimens of flowering plants including the Lady’s Slipper Orchid which was once widespread in the area but is now extinct in Cumbria.

Kendal museum has a custom built digital imaging studio with high resolution camera, state of the art Zeiss macro optics and ISO standard lighting. The looking through a lens project will achieve Metamorfoze international digital imaging standards producing high quality preservation images. The Martindale herbarium collection dates from the 1800’s photographing this collection will provide a snapshot in time before further deterioration occurs. This digitisation project will make these collections at Kendal museum available to wider audience.

Digitisation Unit Oct 2014 (2)Digitisation Unit Oct 2014 (1)










This week Tony Riley the digital imaging consultant based at Kendal museum has started digitisation of the Hamer mineral collection, so far the work flow has been tested to link photographs with collection records and already a high standard of images has been achieved. The images will be available online when the project website is launched in November 2015.

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