Project update 2015

As we enter a new year the HLF funded digitisation project at Kendal museum is entering its 4th month, the project is running to schedule and great progress has been made. The project is digitising three important collections; two mineral collections and one herbarium.

The Image Preservation studio has been equipped to meet Metamorfoze standards for digitisation. Photography of the Hamer mineral collection is almost complete and over one thousand images have been taken. This fast progress has been made possible with the help of George Platt a keen photographer and student on the cultural heritage course at Kendal museum.

The Joseph Martindale herbarium dates from the nineteenth century and is very fragile it is being completely restored to help preserve it for another one hundred years. This is an enormous task as there are 24 volumes comprising of 4274 individual herbarium sheets. With help from students on the cultural heritage course this task will soon be complete ready to start digitisation of the herbarium collection.

A major aspect of the project is to make the collections at Kendal museum accessible to everyone, we plan to do this by presenting the images on an exciting new website. Much planning and organisation is going on behind the scenes to develop the website, we are working with the IT department at Kendal college to launch the website in November 2015.

FINAL Kendal Museum Logo CS3HLF logoKendal college logo


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