The mineral collections have been digitised

Mineral digitised 12.2.15

A milestone in the looking through a lens project has been reached the Hamer mineral and the Shaw mineral collections have been digitised, over 1500 images have been taken.

Minerals digitised

The next stage of the project is to process and format the images. The images will be used for various purposes and the images need to be in the appropriate format for each task. The images will be stored as preservation images providing a snapshot in time, a visual record and information about the collections today before inevitable deterioration occurs. The images will also be added to Kendal museum’s collection management database, this will be very useful information for curatorial staff when responding to enquiries and research requests from the public. All of the images will be displayed on a brand new website, this will make the collections available for everyone to look at and learn something new. The website will be launching in November 2015.

KMB1985.338.1517 Daisy

We will now start digitising the Martindale herbarium, this collection contains over 4000 specimens of british flowering plants, it is very exciting to be starting the next stage of the project as it poses new challenges. The herbarium will be digitised to Metamorfoze standards, a national programme for paper heritage. Before photography can begin the image preservation studio must go through a series of tests, such as profiling the camera and colour management. Look out for images of the herbarium coming soon.

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