Project update 10 months

IPS 8.2015  lucy studio

Hello its has been a while since I last updated you on the progress of the HLF funded project to digitise two mineral collections and large herbarium containing over 4000 specimens at Kendal museum. A lot has been happening at the museum there is a new team in the image preservation studio. Lucy Passman has taken over as the collections assistant intern organising the collections in preparation for photography. George Platt is the new digital imaging scientist taking high quality preservation images to the Metamorfoze standard for paper heritage.
IPS aug 2015                           IPS 2015

Since the new team started in July great progress has been made, 1231 herbarium images have been captured leaving only 434 images left to take. We are well ahead of schedule to meet project deadlines for digitisation to be completed by mid September. All the images will be available online for you to enjoy when the website goes live in November.

imaging herbariadigitisation in action

An important part of the HLF looking through the lens project is passing on the skills and knowledge we have gained.

The mission statement for kendal Museum is: ‘To share our heritage collections and site, pioneering occupational teaching and community engagement’

As I mentioned in my previous blog post myself and George Platt ran a training session for volunteers and students providing practical information about how to digitise museum collections. There was also the opportunity to get hands on and take some photographs.
Ailsa Wendy Lucy

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