Redisplaying the Hamer mineral collection

Volunteers have been helping to re-display the mineral collection at Kendal museum.

Hamer display 15.4.15 Hamer display 2 15.4.15

Volunteers Ruth and Ian were very keen to help with the project, they were able to use their design skills as they have previously worked as installation artists.
Their vision was to turn the small space into a mine complete with stones on the wall and a corrugated iron roof.

DSCF1004 DSCF1007 DSCF1006

The Hamer mineral collection contains over 1000 minerals from local Cumbrian mines as well as minerals from around the world. Only a small percentage of this collection was on display so our curator, Carol Davies was keen to display more minerals that were previously in the store. There is now a new mini exhibit displaying some fascinating fossils from the Hamer collection.

DSCF1013 DSCF1011Penyghent

The collection has an interesting social history John Hamer was a dedicated mineral collector; almost every room in his house was full to the brim with shelves and cabinets containing thousands of mineral specimens. Hamer was a reclusive character and his extensive collection was only discovered and rescued after his death. Potholing and mineral collecting was obviously John Hamer’s lifetime passion. Some photographs and his detailed notebooks are now on display.

Why not visit Kendal museum to take a look at the display for yourself?

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