Young curators at Kendal Museum

young curator

During the summer holidays a week long workshop took place inspiring young curators to get creative and learn about the history of Kendal. Ailsa Gill a previous museum and gallery skills student at Kendal College put together a varied programme of activities for the children to enjoy.

The week started with a day full of all things Roman. On display at Kendal museum there are many artefacts from Watercrook a Roman fort just South of Kendal. The children explored the museum looking for Roman objects and were given the freedom to write or draw about anything they found particularly interesting. In the afternoon the children learnt how to care and conserve museum artefacts. They got hands on cleaning Roman artefacts.

Day 2 was Victorian day, with a bit of pre-history thrown in. The morning was spent looking around the museum discovering Victorian Kendal.  We had a trip around the natural history store where the children were given the chance to explore some of the objects not on display in the museum. They were also shown the process of cleaning a taxidermy specimen, great fun was had cleaning an otter.
in the afternoon George Platt the photographer at Kendal museum gave a tour of the photographic studio and talked about digitising a mineral and herbarium collection at Kendal museum.

Day 3 was medieval day there was a trip to the castle.  The kids got to explore and imagine what life would have been like in medieval Kendal.

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On the final day the now experienced young curators prepared and created their own public display for the museum. Each young curator chose an object which had interested them during the week, they then explored the history of the object and wrote a small label to accompany the display, with help from George adding photographs. They put together the display and the results are fantastic, visit Kendal museum to see for yourself.

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